Jobs for Drone Pilots

We have a drone pilot network dedicated entirely to real estate aerial photography and video. We connect you (the drone pilot) to jobs that are nearby. You can register and join the network for free by simply logging in. If you are looking for a drone pilot for a property or listing please use the pilot request form. You can read more about our service here.

We have pilots in every state in the US with Pennsylvania being the most active. Some areas may have a lot of pilots but that doesn't mean we don't need you. We are always looking for more pilots. So if you have passed your part 107 exam and would like to be a part of our pilot network simply click here to begin.

How it works

After signing up for our network your location will be added to our database. As jobs come in we send out email alerts to all pilots within the area. Typically we send out higher paying jobs to a larger radius. The email contains a link to additional details about the job with the option to claim it. You can claim it, pass on it or answer followup questions.

Payouts for jobs vary based on complexity, customer demands, local market conditions and other details. Some jobs may require that you first upload photos to a portfolio to help us gauge experience. Once you are approved for a job or provide the best response to the followup question we will release more info to you such as the exact address or other pertinent details.

For most jobs we handle the post production so you only have to fly. We understand the pain point that editing can be and also like to ensure a consistent look and feel to the content we deliver. This means you don't have to worry about photoshop or video editing. We will handle that part of the process.

While many sign up specifically for drone work it's important to know our platform is much more than a drone network. It is a platform designed to run individual drone businesses. You can read about it's many features here. If you would like to have your info listed at the bottom of this page you can sign up for one of our paid plans that also unlocks other features in the platform, otherwise you can get started for free by simply clicking the login button below.

What type of work to expect

Real Estate Drone Jobs

The vast majority of the jobs we send out are real estate jobs. They are relatively quick and easy. A Phantom 4 Pro is the preferred drone for the job, but other drones may work as well. We have shot lists prepared but also encourage you to go with your instinct to capture any image that might help to sell the property. Real estate is an extremely fast paced industry so delivering photos to realtors in a timely manner is critical.

Sometimes you are alone on site, sometimes a realtor or homeowner may be there looking over your shoulder. It can be distracting, just try to be polite and go about your business. Once you’ve done more than a few shoots you’ll be moving around the property so fast they will have to be chasing you around at an awkward pace to watch over your shoulder so the issue mostly takes care of itself with experience. Again just be friendly and understand that to many drones are new and cool so they just want to learn about it.

You may be asked to do only aerial photos or aerial photos & video. You should not be on site for longer than 45 minutes for either task. For photo only shoots if you are at the house alone and you have some experience under your belt you can often be in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Even though we specialize in real estate drone services we still get requests for other types of jobs. They can really be anything you can imagine a drone can be used for. Below are some examples of other requests we've had and what those jobs might look like.

Cell Tower Inspection

These jobs typically pay more than real estate but also sometimes require more specific hardware. You may need a drone with optical zoom(phantoms only have digital zoom). There are different reasons you might be hired to inspect cellular towers. It could be as simple as someone needs to have a better view of a serial number or connection or something else that you just can't see without the right viewing angle. There are also endangered animals that will nest high on cell towers. Companies are barred from doing any work on towers while the nest is active. Drones are sometimes brought in to inspect the nests for evidence of activity. Cell tower jobs often require you to have a much higher level of insurance than some of the other job. Considering the value of the equipment you are around it make sense.

Construction Drone Jobs

Constructions jobs can be varied in requirements. Sometimes they may simply want photos and/or video of the construction site. Sometimes they may want a time lapse of the construction process where you show up with your drone once a week and take a few photos from the same location and then put them together in a time lapse video. Those jobs are some of the best for drone pilots. They may also ask for an orthomosaic mapping that shows very fine details of a site. You can create these using a tool like Pix4d.

Environmental Drone Jobs

These jobs can be extremely varied as well. Some jobs require specialized hardware, some do not. You may be asked to map out ground water via temperature differences using infrared drone gear. You may be asked to take photos of property to verify easement issues. There are also sometimes jobs for those with Lidar capabilities to map out terrain and forests for park services or other groups.

Special Event Photography

We are seeing an increase in these types of requests. Basically a business, church or school asks you to fly your drone to take a group picture of a large mass of people. Generally people just stand bunched up in a group but sometimes they may want to spell out words or create shapes. Social skills are important here and you will want to be comfortable in situations where all eyes are on you while you are performing a task. However, assuming the customer has the people ready for you upon arrival these are usually easy shoots that don’t require high end hardware.

These are really just some of the requests we received. Even though we are clearly branded as a real estate drone company we get drone job requests for every sort of drone job you can imagine. People come to us when they have drone challenges they aren’t sure how to solve. If have a drone and would like to put it to work. Sign up today!


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