If you are a real estate agent looking for aerial photography & video services, you can book a pilot here or learn more here.

Platform for Drone Pilots

We put together a suite of tools for running our drone business and then opened this toolset up to other pilots. Join for free by logging in or continue reading to learn more. Here is some of what is inside...

Simple File Transfer

No need for Google Drive or Dropbox. Upload your files easily and send customers the download link.
SoldByAir File Transfer

Mission Planning

Airspace Data

  • TFRs
  • Airspace Classifications
  • National Parks
  • Wildfires

UAV Weather Forecasts

  • Forecast Conditions
  • Temperature
  • Chance of Precipitation
  • % of Cloud Cover
  • Wind Speed

Drone Laws

  • Local Ordinances
  • State Laws

Sun Planner

  • Times for Sunrise, Sunset and Solar Noon
  • Suns position in relation to property at various times

Property Slope

  • Relative slope of the property

MLS Compliant Video Hosting

Most MLS's are not capable of handling direct file uploads. Most also ban direct Youtube and Vimeo links. Branding is not allowed on MLS litings, yet real estate agents will want their branding on the zillow, trulia and other pages.

Our platform automates the generation of links so that you can provide MLS compliant links to your real estate customers. We put a link on the branded page pointing to your website to help send traffic back to your page.

SoldByAir Virtual Tours

Drone Pilot Job Network

You can join our Drone Pilot Job Network for free. Some benefits include

  • No need for post production
  • No need for "sell"
  • We send the jobs to you
  • Expert guidance and feedback

SoldByAir Pilot Network


SoldByAir Analytics
As you enter jobs in to the system a dashboard is automatically populated providing you with analytics about those jobs. We are constantly improving and adding to the analytics dashboard. The data currently included...
  • Job location heatmap
  • Top 10 customers ranked by amounts paid
  • Annual total of gross income
  • Annual total of number of jobs
  • Monthly gross totals shown with customer amounts

360 Degree Panoramic Tours

You can create 360 degree panoramic tours for your customers. Upload your panorama photos(equirectangular) and make them interactive. Panos can be linked together adding depth to the 'virtual tour'. Clickable objects can be added to display text descriptions or youtube video creating a rich experience. These tours can even be embedded in your own website. Click and drag in the image below to explore possibilities.

And Much More...

These are just some of the features available. There are many more to discover once you log in. While much of what we offer is free, we have a few plans to suit your needs.


Weather & Airspace
Customer Analytics
Job Referral Network
Basic Pano Hosting
Virtual Tours - Level 1


Weather & Airspace
Customer Analytics
Job Referral Network
Preferred Pilot
Customer File Sharing
Customer Billing
Virtual Tours - Level 2
Standard Pano Hosting
Advertising - Level 1


Weather & Airspace
Customer Analytics
Job Referral Network
Preferred Pilot
Customer File Sharing
Customer Billing
Virtual Tours - Level 2
Advanced Pano Hosting
Advertising - Level 2

We also offer Whitelabel support. This allows your domain to be displayed in the address bar instead of ours. Please inquire about pricing.