When we started an aerial photography/video business we found it was taking too long to plan a shoot. We also needed an easier way to send out files. Frustrated, we started to code. We went on doing shoots and kept writing code. Things started improving. We were able to confidently schedule a shoot during a customers initial phone call. Less time was spent on busy work and more time on growing the business. And we continued to write code...

Out of that effort SoldByAir was born. Here are just a few of the features

  • Quick access to regional airport data
  • Quick access to important weather data including
    • forecast conditions, temperature, wind speed, sunrise/sunset & "golden hour"
  • Ability to bring additional drone pilots onto your team and assign them jobs
  • Auto generation of photo and video virtual tours
  • Image preview but no download via optional "Paywall"
  • Dashboard/customer and job analytics
  • Online billing support
  • Much more!
This platform is currently in Beta and free to join. If you would like an invite please fill out the "Contact Us" form above. Thanks!