Vermont Aerial Photography & Video

Vermont Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video

We focus on providing drone services to real estate agents. Drone pilots are verified to be FAA certified. We promise 24 hour turn around on all aerial photos and are able to host MLS compliant video. Click here to request a real estate drone pilot or continue reading to see examples and learn more about drones in Vermont.

Drones in Vermont

In a state where the tallest building is only 124 feet, which is a US record, how do you focus on aerial photography? What Vermont lacks in city skylines it makes up for with character and charm.

Bridges look incredible in drone photos and Vermont has more covered bridges per square mile than any other state in the country. "Leaf Peepers" plan entire vacations around Vermont during the fall foliage season. As you can see below, fall foliage looks amazing in aerial images. Lake Champlain borders the state and there are many mountains and streams that make for some incredible opportunities for drone pilots.

Book a pilot now or view some example photos below that our pilots have uploaded.

Vermont Drone Photos

Photos with a SoldByAir watermark are available for purchase as stock photography here.

Vermont Airspace

Vermont airspace is less congested than many other states. There are only a few large airports. Both Montpelier and Burlington have airports that will require drone pilots to have special FAA authorization in order to fly near them. The airport in Lebanon, New Hampshire can also cause issues as it's airspace crosses into Vermont. Occasionally Temporary Flight Restrictions or "TFRs" are put into effect grounding air traffic in certain areas. This is one reason it's important that all drone pilots verify airspace rules with planning tools before using their drone.

Vermont Drone Law

It is illegal to fly a drone for profit in all states in the nation. If you do not hire a drone pilot through our service, you should ask to see their "Part 107" license to verify they are certified. Otherwise you are taking on undue liability. In Vermont specifically, it is illegal to use a drone for hunting. It's challenging to keep up with local ordinances and policies so drone pilots should always research any legal issues for a specific location ahead of time.

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