New Jersey Drone Services

Real Estate Drone Photography

For it's size New Jersey has the highest average real estate value of any state in the nation. We specialize in the real estate space and have many drone pilots across the state. With a 24 hour turn around on aerial photos we understand the fast paced nature of real estate. Book a pilot or continue reading to learn more and see some examples.

Drones at NJ Beaches

It's no secret beaches makes for great drone photography. With 130 miles of shoreline New Jersey offers a ton of potential. Avalon, Sea Isle and Ocean City are beautiful locations. Be sure to check local ordinances before flying drones here however as these areas are starting to introduce ordinances against flying drones. Not everyone likes drones buzzing around during their beach vacation, please be respectful of others if you chose to fly your drone here. Keep in mind there will often be other aircraft checking out the beach or running advertisements. It's valuable to have someone to act as your 'visual observer' if you plan to fly 'down the beach'.

New Jersey Drone Photos

We provide drone photography services anywhere in NJ. The drones we use have HDR technologies to blend photos creating deeper colors that stand out the crowd. Because we have an extensive network of drone pilots we are able to quickly deliver the photos you need, anywhere in the state. Our editors are standing by to edit any photos we take to ensure they look their best. Below are just a few examples of photos our pilots have taken across the state.

Aerial Photos by City

Drone pilots travel far and wide to capture the perfect photo. You can click the New Jersey cities below to view photos uploaded from some of these locations. We serve cities all across New Jersey, far beyond what is listed below.

New Jersey Drone Video

A skilled drone pilot can use video to tell a story about the property you are selling. Video quality is constantly improving with many drones now capable of 4k resolution. Social media posts with video are ranked higher and get more views than those without. It's no surprise that 85% of homebuyers prefer to work with an agent using video. We are able to host video that is supported by MLS's accross the nation. Below are videos pilots have added from New Jersey.

New Jersey Drone Laws

The legal landscape for drones can be a challenge to navigate. To fly drones commercially you have to be FAA certified. In New Jersey it is against the law to fly drones in state parks. Local ordinances are being enacted across the country. While there is no 100% accurate central source for these ordinances, you can view some of the ordinances we know about here.

Donald Trump and NJ Drones

There is one particular challenge to New Jersey that may surprise you. Donald Trump owns a few golf courses there. He seems to favor golfing in New Jersey quite a bit. While this could change during his administration, anytime he visits New Jersey to golf a large Temporary Flight Restriction is put into place. This grounds all drone traffic in a large radius. Politics aside, this happens more often then drone pilots in New Jersey would like. It has halted a number of our own drone flights. Be sure to check for TFRs before flying anywhere and especially in New Jersey.

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