New Jersey Aerial Photography & Video

From high dollar homes to a long stretch of beaches, New Jersey is a great place for aerial photography and video. As is the case with many states, there are multiple MLS's here. NJMLS and the Garden State MLS are two examples. Parts of Southwestern New Jersey are merging into BrightMLS. This large new MLS should help to consolidate and make restrictions on photos easier to work with.

At present we have 19 drone pilots in New Jersey. There are example photos below uploaded from New Jersey by some of these pilots. Any pilot we send on site is guaranteed to be FAA certified to fly commercially. We deliver all aerial photos within 24 hours of the shoot. This includes all photoshop work. Click the button to book a pilot now or read on to see examples and learn more.

New Jersey Aerial Photography Examples

Aerial Photos by City

Drone pilots travel far and wide to capture the perfect photo. You can click the New Jersey cities below to view photos uploaded from some of these locations. We serve cities all across New Jersey, far beyond what is listed below.

NJ Drone Rules

The legal landscape for drones can be a challenge to navigate. To fly drones commercially you have to be FAA certified. In New Jersey it is against the law to fly drones in state parks. Local ordinances are being enacted across the country. While there is no 100% accurate central source for these ordinances, you can view some of the ordinances we know about here.