Missouri Aerial Photography & Video

Missouri Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video

We provide aerial photography and video to real estate agents across Missouri. We have many drone pilots waiting to assist you. You can book a pilot here or continue reading to learn more about drones in Missouri and see photos our pilots have uploaded from the state.

Drones in Missouri

Missouri presents many tempting locations for fantastic aerial photography. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the tallest man-made national monument in the United State. However the FAA has banned drones near many popular American landmarks. Missouri is known as the "Cave State". While it may be tempting to fly drones in caves, this is very risky as your drone will likely lose GPS connectivity and sensors may fail from low light. So where exactly can you fly to snap aerial images in Missouri?

Missouri borders a long stretch of the Mississippi River. Aerial photos with both water and architecture can be simply stunning. Kansas City is believed to have more fountains than any city in the world beside Rome. If you verify airspace rules and other related laws/ordinances allow for it, fountains can look amazing in drone images. See below for aerial photos drones pilots in our network have uploaded from Missouri.

Missouri Drone Photos

Photos with a SoldByAir watermark may be available for purchase as stock photography here.

Missouri Airspace

Drones are banned in national parks, parts of the Ozark mountains are designated as national park land so make sure to verify before flying there. Missouri has multiple large airports that will require special authorization in order to fly near them. St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield are all particularly busy. Other will require authorization as well. It's important any drone pilots research the area they want to fly and check with multiple planning tools before taking flight.

Missouri Drone Laws

Drone laws are a very tricky subject. There is no central authority to report all state and local laws/ordinances. We have created a tool to help with the process. As of now we don't know of any serious drone laws on the books in Missouri, though it's not uncommon for local towns and parks to have policies about drones. Always research and verify any local ordinances and laws affecting your flight before taking off.