Maryland Aerial Photography & Video

From the eastern shoreline to the Chesapeake bay. From urban skyscrapers to sprawling farmland. Maryland presents many opportunities for incredible aerial photography and video. Marylands largest MLS (MRIS) is merging with a number of other MLS's to become BrightMLS. Some speculate this is to help them compete with Zillow. Others say it's to simplify cross county real estate work. Either way it's good news for drone pilots. Having fewer MLS requirements to memorize is a good thing!

There are 9 pilots registered on our site from Maryland. Below are aerial photos these pilots have uploaded from the "Old Line State". We verify pilots are FAA certified and send all aerial photos within 24 hours after a shoot. Click the button to book a pilot now or read on to see examples and learn more.

Maryland Aerial Photography Examples

Aerial Photos by City

Drone pilots travel far and wide to capture the perfect photo. You can click the Maryland cities below to view photos uploaded from some of these locations. We serve cities all across Maryland, far beyond what is listed below.

MD Drone Rules

In order to make money flying a drone you first need to pass a test to become FAA certified. Beyond this, there is often a myriad of local and state laws to follow. Maryland however, has done drone pilots a favor. The FAA asked states and cities to not pass their own drone laws as it becomes a very murky web of laws with no central way to manage it. Maryland obliged, passing a law of their own preventing towns and cities from passing any drone related ordinance. Hopefully more states will follow suit!