Illinois Drone Services

We provide drone services for all of Illinois. We have many certified pilots across the state. Our specialty is real estate drone service but we have been known to do work in other areas as well.

Drones for Illinois Real Estate

There are 3 categories we often group real estate drone shoots into. These categories require drone pilots to plan each shoot a little differently.
  • Farmland: High acreage properties used as farmland show very well from a drone. Considering Illinois is 7th in the nation in terms of farmland, you see high acreage shoots a lot here. Aerial photos from high up showing the entire acreage are of high value for these shoos.
  • High End Real Estate: While Illinois does not rank high on average home sale value, there are zip codes outside of Chicago that have very high average sale prices. High value properties utilize drone services at much higher rates. For these shoots we strive to show off all the different selling points of the property itself.
  • Location Based Attractions: Have a property next to a golf course, lake, park, beach or similar? Drones are the perfect tool to highlight this. Given that you have Lake Michigan bordering the Northeast, the Mississippi River to the west and the Illinois River running through the center there is plenty of opportunity for waterfront property drone shoots. Drone shots that show both the property and the nearby attraction can be extremely valuable in helping to sell a property.

We provide our drone pilots with training materials and tools to capture the perfects shots of properties being listed for sale. We understand the importance of quick turnaround time and deliver all photos within 24 hours of a shoot. You can book a pilot now or read on to learn more about drones in Illinois.

Illinois Airspace

Rules regarding drones and airports differ depending on the type of airport you are near. Busier airports tend to have more restricted airspace. Suffice to say, Illinois has some airspace challenges as Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. In order to fly near all but the smallest airports drone operators are required to have FAA authorization. The FAA is coming out with a new process to speed up gaining authorization, but for the time being it can be a challenge to gain the required authorization. Other cities with busy airports include Peoria and Moline. Drone operators should always verify with multiple planning tools before taking flight.

Illinois Drone Photos

We provide drone photography services anywhere in IL. The drones we use have HDR technologies to blend photos creating deeper colors that stand out the crowd. Because we have an extensive network of drone pilots we are able to quickly deliver the photos you need, anywhere in the state. Our editors are standing by to edit any photos we take to ensure they look their best. Below are just a few examples of photos our pilots have taken across the state.

Aerial Photos by City

Drone pilots travel far and wide to capture the perfect photo. You can click the Illinois cities below to view photos uploaded from some of these locations. We serve cities all across Illinois, far beyond what is listed below.

Illinois Drone Video

A skilled drone pilot can use video to tell a story about the property you are selling. Video quality is constantly improving with many drones now capable of 4k resolution. Social media posts with video are ranked higher and get more views than those without. It's no surprise that 85% of homebuyers prefer to work with an agent using video. We are able to host video that is supported by MLS's accross the nation. Below are videos pilots have added from Illinois.

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