Terry Moore CCIM 1920 Felspar St San Diego CA 92109 Unbranded
San Diego, CA

Seven heavenly apartments at 1920 Felspar, Pacific Beach People love the beach; we are hardwired for it. Our species always wants to be close to the ocean. As an investor you’ll have a tax incentive to get close to the ocean periodically. You’re going to love these seven heavenly units at 1920 Felspar. As you learn more about this great unit mix and you want to ring the bell for Felspar. 3 one bedrooms and four 2 bedrooms make this more desirable unit mix than 60% of the county’s buildings between five and 20 apartments. Pacific Beach can make your heart melt for Felspar. The four garage spaces might make tenants run pell-mell for Felspar. Garages are important because residents will pay more and stay longer to be able to protect their cars. Every rental owner refers residents who take care of property, not just their own cars but also the place they live in. Maybe less than 25% of Pacific Beach apartment parcels have garage parking. So that gives feldspar a permanent advantage over the vast majority of the other buildings. There is immediate and obvious upside in the rents. The seller will boost the income at least $555 by the close of escrow. But standard upgrades will justify market rents another 25% increase within a year. This property is within walking distance of groceries, bakery, buses and the beach. When you close on these units you will be so excited you’ll have to yell for Felspar. Mature landscaping adds to the appeal. Fencing provides privacy. So if you prefer the better areas and your revocable market advantages you’ll truly relish and appreciate Felspar. These heavenly seven may be the answer to your investment prayer!